Art Deco Thulin vase in black with blue-green decoration – Belgium 1935

Beautiful Art Deco black glazed ceramic vase, from the Thulin pottery factory in Belgium. The vase has the typical ‘Airain’ decoration made of blue – green glaze.

This small vase has a typical amphora shape, but then in a more modern Art Deco style. It combines very well with the other ‘Airain’ decorated vase in our shop.
This vase is from 1935. It is engraved on the bottom with ‘Made in Belgium’.

The Thulin pottery near Mons was founded in 1887 by the industrialist Victor Ducobu-Decaudin in an old sugar refinery. The products were made by casting in fine earthenware and covered with glazes or colored enamels. In the ‘20s and ‘30s, the factory employed 70 to 100 workers, selling its wares in Belgium and also in Paris. Thulin pottery was sometimes unmarked, or marked Made in Belgium / Thulin Ceramics, Made in Belgium FT, Made in Belgium or just Belgium. The company was dissolved in 1973.
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