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What a stunning big French chopping board with wrought iron cleaver . It is a great item in all its detail!
It is old and large and has a beautiful patine on the wood and the wrought iron.  You can hang it decoratively on its hook or use it to serve delicious snacks and make a great presentation on the table. It is still completely original!

This beautiful piece was probably handmade in the first half of the 20th century and used well by the owner(s), and that is exactly what makes this item so unique. This big French chopping board comes from a brocante in Normandie and is made of Elm wood which is typical for this region. Elm is perfect for cutting boards since it has no odor. It also is a very hard type of wood, hard enough for a long lasting life. Imagine generations of French farmers who have been using it to cut their baguette!

Wanna know more about this type of wood? Check it out here.

We deliberately did not wax the cutting board, so you can also use it to serve delicious cheese, meat or toast.


  •      cm long
  •      cm wide
  •      cm high


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