Little Japanese Shakudo vase with floral decoration of copper

This little Japanese Shakudo vase is decorated with copper inlay. It has floral tendrils resembling Hedera. Over time the copper oxidized to red on a few spots (see photo of the leaves). As a result however, this combines beautifully with the dark patina created by this Shakudo copper haze.

Shakudo (赤銅) is originally a Japanese alloy of gold and copper (usually 4–10% gold, 96–90% copper). The color can be treated to develop a black glossy patina similar to lacquer.

This is an unpatinated Shakudo vase because of a shade of copper color instead of blue / gray. This however doesn’t make the vase any less beautiful, but it sure makes it more affordable :-). This little Japanese Shakudo vase looks great with a single flower in it, but also makes a great impression on its own.

It can be dated to the beginning of the 20th century. We found this little beauty in a brocante in the east of France. Who knows where it has been standing and who was the first owner? Anyway, if you want to own it, this is your chance!


  • 21 cm. high
  • 9.5 cm. wide

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