Vallauris Fat Lava vase with orange brown and turquoise 1960 – 1970 – SOLD

This stoneware Vallauris vase with decorative orange with turquoise enamel, is made in the 60s or early 70’s. It is an icon for typical Vallauris midcentury ceramic, the colors are bright and the glaze is very shiny. This vase is in used condition and is missing a few chips on the base (see last photo). It’s signed Vallauris at the bottom. Even without flowers it’s a great piece to look at!

Dimensions: 30.5 cm high, 25 cm wide, 15 cm depth

Vallauris is a little village halfway between Antibes and Cannes, known for its artistic pottery and its Biennale of Contemporary Ceramic Art. Pablo Picasso lived and worked in Vallauris. He moved from Antibes to Vallauris, where he resided since 1948. In 1955 he moved to nearby Cannes.

Vallauris has been known for its traditional culinary ceramics since Roman times. From the 16th century, Italian families from Genoa also settled and engaged in the pottery trade. In the 19th century, the arrival of the railroad helped potters organize commercial ventures. They worked in large factories and exported their production. However, the modernization of the 20th century brought with it a decline in the artisan pottery activity in Vallauris. After World War II, Picasso gives new impetus to Vallauris pottery when he chooses to settle in the city. Like a magnet, Picasso’s presence attracted the arrival of artists such as Jean Marais, Chagall, Miró, Marino Le Vaucour and many others.


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